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Suggs, Rex Principal
Mitchell, Ronald Assistant Principal

Beebe, Charlene CACL Teacher
Bowman, Brian ACE Teacher
Cook, Sandra CACL Parapro
Dykes, Lane ACE Teacher
Hall, Heather Second Grade Teacher
Justice, Jerry ACE Teacher
Lollie, Debbie CACL Teacher
Miller, Heather Guidance Counselor
Mitchell, Missy VE Teacher
Parmer, Jenny Edgenuity/Music of the World/Teacher Assistants
Sims, Linda CACL Teacher
Summerwell, Rochelle Teacher
Wilson, Lizabeth CACL Teacher
Yates, Tammy CACL Teacher

Bell, Vickie CACL Parapro
Bigale, Sharon ACE Parapro
Bostic, Beverly CACL Parapro
Braswell, Tonna Guidance Parapro
Bruner, Michelle CACL Parapro
Cook, Sandra CACL Parapro
Delgado, Phil Custodian
Dickens, Byron CACL Parapro
Fannin, Kami CACL Parapro
Green, Janet Secretary
Hamilton, Jimmy SRO
Hamm, Danny ACE Parapro
Holmes, Kathy ACE Parapro
Martin, Renee Office
Meredith, Bruce Maintenance
Noblin, Kathy CACL Parapro
Rehberg, Laura CACL Parapro
Roulhac, Qualie Varsity Football Receivers
Solomon, Joyce CACL Parapro
Tidwell, Christy CACL Parapro
Todd, Kelli ESE Interpreter
Welch, Kelsey Data Entry Operator