Dress Code
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Thursday, July 21, 2011
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Dress Code

•1.  Students are expected to be neat and well groomed.

•2.  Well fitting clothing will be acceptable; they should be clean and neat in appearance.

•3.  Hair is kept neat and clean.

•4.  Shoes must be worn at all times.  (Bedroom slippers are not allowed)

•5.  Students will not wear hats/caps or sunglasses/shades in the building, no hooded items are allowed, no exceptions.

•6.  No Book Bags allowed for grades 6-12.

•7.  Tank tops, biker shorts or pants, net shirts, halter-tops, see through tops, muscle shirts, and tops where midriffs show are not permitted.

•8.  NO dangling earrings, loops, or tongue and facial piercing (lip, eyebrows, ect) jewelry are allowed.

•9. Proper undergarments are required, and exterior tops are not to revela cleavage.

•10.  No T-shirts with logos advertising tobacco products, alcohol, profanity or gang related activities are allowed.  If a student wears any clothing of this type they will be asked to change into appropriate clothing furnished by the school or required to stand in isolation, if the school has availiable clothing, the administration will decide whether or not to call parents. Shorts are permitted, but NO short shorts are allowed.

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