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Research Links
Reliable Online Resources

Contains a list of links to credible online sources for students to use for research.

Citation Machine

Reference generator to help students cite sources of information for research.

Brain Pop

Source of informational links and educational games.

The Library of Congress American Memory Project

Great source for American History articles.


PBS Resources

Was slavery the basis of freedom in colonial America?
Emancipation Proclamation

National Archives

Slavery Population Distrubution Maps

Library of Congress - Distribution Maps of Slavery Populations

Civil War Resources

Library of Congress - Resources related to the Civil War

Smithsonian Civil War Collection

Smithsonian Institution - Collection of Civil War Resources and Artifacts

Slavery and the Making of America

PBS - Timeline of Events pertaining to slavery in America

The Declaration of Independence

Blacks and The American Revolution

Africans in America - The Revolutionary War

PBS - Africans in America - The Revolutionary War

"Billy and James: Choices Facing African Americans during the Revolutionary War"

Video:  "Billy and James: Choices Facing African Americans during the Revolutionary War"

The video outlines "Dunmore's Proclamation" - 1775, "Mann Page's Petition on behalf of Billy" - 1781, and the "Petition on behalf of James Lafayette" - 1786.

Slavery and the American Revolution

Video by Dr. Katherine Bankole-Medina

Slavery and the American Revolution: Part 1 & 2

Video by: Karen Hockemeyer

Rough Draft of The Declaration of Independence

PBS - Rough Draft of The Declaration of Independence

Math Links
Khan Academy

Learn any math concept easily following step-by-step videos.

Multiplication with Fingers

Multiply 6's - 10's using your fingers.

Fast Multiplication - Trick 5

Multiply large numbers quickly.

Chinese Method of Multiplication

Another way to lay out multiplication problems.  The "Lattice" or "Lettuce" Method.

Solving Linear Absolute Value Equations & Inequalities

Classify Polygons

Compound Interest Calculator

Compound Interest Formula: THE EASY WAY!

Scientific Calculator

Graphing Calculator,GraphingInv,Regression

Slope and Rate of Change

Khan Academy Lesson

Perimeter & Area: The Basics

Khan Academy Lesson - Begins with the basics and carrie into circumference.


Khan Academy Video Lesson

Classifying Triangles

Khan Academy Video Lesson

Finding Rational Zeros

The Magic of Fibonacci Numbers

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Foreign Language

Free Online Translator

ALT Keyboard Codes

ALT + Codes to type special characters.

Biogeochemical Cycles Parody

Biogeochemical Cycles - Parody of "You And I" by Lady Gaga

Velocity & Momentum

YouTube Video

Newton's Laws of Motion & Forces

YouTube Video

Ecosystems and Biomes

YouTube Video

Conduction, Convection, & Radiation

YouTube Video

Literacy Links
Literary Devices

Definition and Examples of Literary Terms

Biodiversity & Conservation WebQuest
The Green Belt Movement

United Nations

The World Bank

U.S. History

Crash Course U.S. History - "Reconstruction"

The Cold War

Crash Course History - "The Cold War"

The End of The Cold War

Crash Course History - "The End of The Cold War"